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We have years of experience in dealing with printed circuit boards where we identify and execute apt processes with robust products while providing solutions of the utmost quality at an economical solutions of the utmost quality at an economical price. Our proven and trusted vendor’s network helps us to get a competitive advantage which keeps OEMs ahead of the competition. The PCB assembly process is a combination of SMT processing and dig plug-ins. It involves cutting, printing, part placement, reflow soldering, plug-ins, wave soldering, testing and quality inspection.

PCB Offerings

Single & Double Layered PCB

Multi-layer PCB

Rigid & Rigid-Flex PCB

Flexible PCB (FPC)

HDI Fine Pitch

Fabrication Capability

Blind and Buried Vias

Impedance Control

Lines and spaces (Volume 3/3 mils, 2/2 mils)

Minimum Drill > 0.2mm

PCB Material

Normal Tg FR4 High Tg FR4 Geek Aluminum Rogers

Solder Mask Color

Green Black Red Blue White Yellow

Legend Color

White Yellow Black Red

Surface Treatment

Immersion Tin Immersion Gold Immersion Silver Lead-free HASL OSP Gold flash Gold Finger

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