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We have a well equipped with state of art technologically advanced SMT Manufacturing shop floor and proven process to serve committed time delivery and reliable product and service. Our expertise in manufacturing process cover the wide spectrum of electronics manufacturing and various requirements of OEMS. We offer our service with flexible volume with Complexity board manufacturing. Our Shop floor equipped with fully automated SMT Line with High Speed Pick and place machine, High accuracy Paste Printer,RoHS Process Approved Reflow.in house IR based BGA rework station.

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Through Hole PCB Assembly

Single & Double Side SMT Placement

Single side SMT & through Hole Mix

Single side SMT Placement and Double side through

Double Side SMT Placement and through Hole

High-Mix and Low-Medium Volume

Glass BGA,PBGA (Pitch Ball Grid Array), FBGA (Fine Ball Grid Array), Micro-BGA, CSP, Ultra-fine pitch QFP and QFN

Fine Pitch (0201 and 01005) Placement Capability

Conformal Coating & Epoxy Potting

Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant, and Non-RoHS Process

BGA Rework

Prototypes within 24-48 Hours

Well managed system, Both Turnkey & Consigned

Kan-Ban order Process handling

Production under quality Control

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