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Rapid Prototyping is a relatively new and developing set of technologies to electronics product. A variety of different techniques used in the design of products and prototypes are presented in this article. Here we utilized our technique to enablers and limitations for certain materials, such as plastics, to construct models and components are considered. Although some materials limit the applicability for these techniques as a viable method for constructing prototypes, rapid prototyping with metallic materials provide a profound breakthrough and enabling effect on product design and manufacturing.

It is help to time to market, Product design refinement, Optimization and validation before entering into mass production.

Part Sourcing

Quick turns PCB Fabrication

Systematic Approved Vendor list & Part management

Accessories fabrication or Sourcing

Plastic Part Prototype by SLS,SLA,FDM,CNC and 3D Printing

Part inspection and qualification

Quick Tern PCB Assembly

Analysis and Report review to design correction

PFMEA & DFx Report

Test Development

Product assembly

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